Council of Ministers

S.E.M. Brigi Rafini

Prime Minister and Head of the Government


Mr Bazoum Mohamed

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, African Integration and Nigeriens abroad


Mr Amadou Boubacar Cissé   

Minister of State for Planning, Regional Development, and Community Development


Mr Abdou Labo    

Minister of State for the Interior, Public Security, Decentralization, and Religious Affairs


Mr Omar Hamidou Tchiana      

Minister of State for Mines and Industrial Development


 Mr Soumana Sanda

Minister of Public Health


Mr Marou Amadou    

Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals and Government Spokesperson

Mr Saddi Soumaïla

Minister of Equipment

Mr Foumakoye Gado

Minister of Energy and Oil


Mr Moussa Bako Abdoul-Karim        

Minister of Urban Development, Housing, & Sanitation


Mr Saley Saidou         

Minister of Commerce and Private Sector promotion

Mr Salifou Labo Bouché

Minister of Communication, New Information Technologies, and Relations with Government Institutions


Ms Maikibi Kadiatou Dandobi            

Minister of Population, Women’s Promotion and the Protection of Children

Mr Karidjo Mahamadou

Minister of National Defence



Mr Baillet Gilles    

Minister of Finance                         


Elhadji Laouali Chaibou

Minister of relations with Institutions


Ms N’Gadé Nana Hadiza Noma Kaka    

Minister of Vocational Training and Employment


Mr Mamadou Youba Diallo

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Ms Ali Mariama Elhadj Ibrahim       

Minister of Education, Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages

Mr Oua Saidou

Minister of Agriculture



Mr Issousou Issaka  

Minister of Water Resources and the Environment


Mr Mahaman Ekhadji Ousmane

Minister of Livestock


Mr Ibrahim Yacouba  

Minister for Transportation


Mr Kounou Hassane

Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture


Ms Yahaya Baaré Haoua Abdou       

Minister for Tourism and Handicrafts


Ms Sabo Fatouma Zara Boubacar Abdou

Minister for Civil Service and Work




The Civil Cabinet

Mr Massaoudou Hassoumi   

Minister and Chief of Staff


Mr Alkache Alhada

Deputy Chief of Staff


Mr Moumouni Mamoudou

Secretary General



Mr Moutari Kalla

Deputy Secretary General